Reny Products

In 1987, I.L.A.S., S.A. started Old Europe Cheese, Inc. as their U.S. subsidiary. By the end of that year, our 50,000 square foot plant, formerly a dairy factory, opened for production. Since then, our company has set its focus on the production of soft-ripened Brie and Camembert, our signature products, as well as some semi-soft cheese, such as Gouda and Edam, Fontina and Mantoro.

All equipment in the plant is state-of-the-art and designed exclusively for use in the manufacturing of the company product line. The cheese making process is truly an art forrm, and many old techniques are still followed in conjunction with advances in technology and adherence to strict sanitary guidelines.

As testimony to our success, the plant has been the recipient of hundreds of the most prestigious awards in the dairy and cheese industries, including awards in the World Championship Cheese Contest, American Cheese Society and United States Championship Cheese Contest.

Old Europe Cheese has thrived in the U.S. market, attracting loyal customers with high quality products, consistent distribution, and delicious flavors.