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Early on Dutch cheesemakers developed cheeses with exceptional keeping qualities; cheeses that were also easily transportable and reliable rather than exotic. Gouda which typifies that style of Dutch cheesemaking, originated in the 13th century at the farms around the village of Gouda. This delectable cheese has been hickory cold smoked in the traditional Dutch farmhouse manner which forms its distinctive natural brown rind.


Smoked Gouda is a semi-soft, pressed, uncooked cows’ milk cheese which is molded in thick rounded edge wheels, about 3” thick and 10” in diameter. Smoked Gouda has a golden brown rind which forms during the hickory cold smoke process. Ideally, the paste is firm and straw colored with small pea size holes scattered throughout the cheese. World-class Gouda will have no more than one hole per “sonde” (cheese plug). The cheese is then ripened for at 30 days before smoking and then another 30 days prior to shipment.


Smoked Gouda should be buttery, mild with a slightly sweet caramel undertone. The hickory smoke flavor is subtle and yet pronounced without the bitterness associated with liquid smoked cheeses. The Smoked Gouda’s flavors remind one of slow fire roasted foods.

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Storage Tips

Ideal storage temperature is 40 – 45 degrees Fahrenheit with an elevated humidity of approximately 65%. Keep the cheese under refrigeration and wrap the cheese in waxed or parchment paper. Store in a sealed plastic container pierced with a few holes for air circulation. If the cheese appears to be drying out, place a clean damp paper towel in the bottom to elevate humidity.