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Garlic Brie Pizza

Garlic Brie Pizza Yield: 10 servings Ingredients 3 whole garlic bulbs 2 tablespoons olive oil 12 ounces Brie cheese 1 prebaked 12-inch pizza crust 1/2 cup sliced almonds, toasted Directions 1. Remove papery outer skin from garlic (do not peel or separate cloves). Cut the top off each garlic bulb. Brush with oil. Wrap each… Read more about Garlic Brie Pizza

Brie, Turkey, Rhubarb Butter Panini

Original Recipe Brie, Turkey, Rhubarb Butter Panini This panini weaves together the flavors, textures, and terroir of creamy Reny Picot Brie, savory Gunthorp Farms turkey, tart Southwestern Michigan Buttery rhubarb butter, and tangy Bit of Swiss sourdough bread. Take it to the next level and pair with a glass of local wine for an easy evening… Read more about Brie, Turkey, Rhubarb Butter Panini

Old Europe Cheese Cultures: Spain

In this series, get ready to (virtually) travel around Europe and add stamps to your cheese passport by exploring the way cheeses are enjoyed and incorporated into different cuisines. While cheesemakers in places like France and Italy often extol the importance of tradition, Spanish cheesemakers seems to focus more on combining tradition with innovation. The practice… Read more about Old Europe Cheese Cultures: Spain