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Mantoro Manzanilla Scones

Original Recipe Mantoro Manzanilla Scones Two Spanish-style ingredients team up to create an irresistible savory scone with a satisfyingly crumbly outside and tender inside. Between the flakey layers, Mantoro’s sweetness, saltiness, and nuttiness mingles with the sweetness, saltiness, and nuttiness of the Manzanilla olives for a match made in scone heaven. Ingredients 2 cups all… Read more about Mantoro Manzanilla Scones

The Mystery of Reny Picot Mantoro

How many times have you walked by a good-looking artisanal cheese at the grocery store, thought about diving in, but ultimately didn’t have the guts? Maybe it had a weird rind, or you weren’t sure how to pronounce it, or maybe you’re still traumatized from that one time you mistakenly selected a really stinky cheese… Read more about The Mystery of Reny Picot Mantoro

Fromage Fort

Original Recipe Fromage Fort Fromage fort is parsimonious gastronomy at its finest. Translated as “strong cheese” in French, fromage fort is a classic way to use up all the leftover ends and mismatched scraps of cheese in your fridge. Fromage fort is very forgiving, the process is incredibly simple, and the end result is seriously… Read more about Fromage Fort