Introducing: Tomato Basil Brie

At Old Europe Cheese, we are committed to molding high-quality handcrafted gourmet cheeses and sometimes we like to break the mold a little. This time, in a continued effort to build layers of flavor in our Reny Picot cheeses, we decided to add a burst of summertime to our award-winning Reny Picot … Read more about Introducing: Tomato Basil Brie

Pear Camembert Squares

Original Recipe Pear Camembert Squares As fun to eat as they are to say, these little puff pastry squares couldn’t be less complicated. And if you can resist eating them all before you leave the house, they're going to make you so many friends. Bosc pears have a bright honey-sweetness that cozies … Read more about Pear Camembert Squares

Italian Stuffed Mushrooms

Original Recipe Italian Stuffed Mushrooms What happens when you mix the first-string melting properties and earthy mushroom notes of Reny Picot Fontina with a host of fresh Italian flavors and ingredients? A crowd. A word of advice: spread these Italian stuffed mushrooms out around the room to … Read more about Italian Stuffed Mushrooms

Fondue Party Tips

There’s never been a better time to throw a fondue party. Yes: a things-on-skewers-dunked-into-a-vat-of-melted-cheese party. A fondue party is actually a very fitting for early spring, since fondue was originally a way to use up hard cheese, wine, and stale bread—often the only pantry items left at … Read more about Fondue Party Tips

Old Europe Cheese FAQs

There is one thing in this life we know to be true: Reny Picot cheeses are delicious. And for many, that's all you need to know. But for the rest of you, we've compiled a short list of some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Old Europe Cheese and aim to provide both quick and … Read more about Old Europe Cheese FAQs

Gouda Onion Hand Pies

Original Recipe Gouda Onion Hand Pies Few things skyrocket the flavor of a meal quite like caramelized onions. These tender, candy-sweet (yet savory!) morsels have the ability to turn something as rustically humble as a hand pie into something deliciously gourmet. Moreover, the buttery, salty, and … Read more about Gouda Onion Hand Pies

Kimcheese Omelette

Original Recipe Kimcheese Omelette Some people put ketchup on their eggs. Others, hot sauce. But if you’re looking for a truly bold start to your morning, grab a jar of kimchi. In this funkified omelette, Reny Picot Mantoro gets sprinkled on as soon as the eggs hit the skillet and crisps up along … Read more about Kimcheese Omelette

Smoked Gouda Grits

Original Recipe Smoked Gouda Grits Try this classic New Orleans dish jazzed up with Reny Picot Smoked Gouda to celebrate Mardi Gras this year! Contrary to their name, these grits are creamy, rich, luscious, and anything but gritty. Enjoy them for breakfast or top them with Cajun spiced shrimp for … Read more about Smoked Gouda Grits

Spanish Style Shakshuka

Original Recipe Spanish Style Shakshuka North African in origin and hugely popular in Israel, shakshuka is the one-pan, bear hug of a dish that you'll want to eat for breakfast every morning—and then again for dinner every night. It's also one of the most flexible meals around. Take some creative … Read more about Spanish Style Shakshuka