A burger, like everything else in the world, is better with cheese.

There’s something so glorious about the way those savory juices marry with a tangy slice of melting cheese. But not all cheeses are meant for burgers. Some won’t melt, and others are simply too precious for anything other than a solo savoring session.

When considering a perfect cheeseburger cheese the first requirement is that it has to melt. This is key. Meltability (surely the preferred technical term among food scientists) is not a given. Some cheeses just won’t melt, at least not at burger temperature. A chunk of Parmesan is going to stay a chunk of Parmesan no matter how long you cook your patty. Same with really aged cheddars. Secondly, the cheese has to melt correctly. Not too oily, not too liquid. It should flow, not run. Gooey is the goal.

So next time you’re getting ready to fire up the grill this summer, here are four cheeses to try on your burgers that are just the right kind of melty:

1. Reny Picot Brie

The silky smooth, buttery brilliance of Reny Picot Brie takes any burger to the next, luxe level. Top with caramelized onions and a schmear of peach preserves and you’ve got a gourmet cheeseburger that will be the star of any cookout.

2. Reny Picot Smoked Gouda

Reny Picot Smoked Gouda is perfectly buttery and salty and laced with a smokiness that is pronounced, but not overwhelming. Find your cheeseburger in paradise by adding a layer of smoky BBQ sauce and a freshly grilled pineapple ring.

3. Reny Picot Fontina

Reny Picot Fontina has transformative qualities when it’s melted and all of its savory intensity is multiplied by a million when it hits heat. When Fontina goes gooey it adopts an earthy mushroom note, which makes it the perfect addition to any mushroom burger.

4. Reny Picot Mantoro

Ideal for lovers of the olive burger, Reny Picot Mantoro has a tangy and delicately nutty flavor profile toes the line between sweet and salty. Most importantly, it’s a great melting cheese that tingles on your tongue for a divine cheeseburger experience.

No matter how you slice it—Old Europe Cheese is always a good idea on burgers. And don’t forget the beer! How do you use Reny Picot cheeses on your burgers?

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