On no other day do we so recklessly consume thousands of calories as we do on Super Bowl Sunday.

And while there are plenty of delicious veggie options, not to mention wings aplenty, the best Super Bowl snacks are always the cheesy ones.

From dips to entrees, here are five cheesy things to serve on Super Bowl Sunday:

1. Loaded Nachos

Nachos might just be the ultimate game day fare—but not just any nachos. Built with a strong layering ethic and quality ingredients like Old Europe Cheese, these loaded sheet pan nachos will have partygoers hovering over them like moths around a flame.

2. Fromage Fort

This classic French cheese dip is the perfect way to use up all the leftover ends and mismatched scraps of cheese in your fridge. And the process couldn’t be easier—put cheese in a food processor with garlic a few splashes of wine and you’re out the door with a dip that could put any beer cheese to shame. 

3. Smoky Mac & Cheese

Think outside the box and in about 30 minutes you could be staring at a big bubbling dish of gooey, molten mac and cheese. The smokiness from Reny Picot’s Smoked Gouda and the smoked paprika give this creamy baked mac a gourmet touch for game day.

4. Roasted Vegetable Enchiladas

Old Europe Cheese roasted vegetable enchiladas are easy to assemble, have a short bake time, and pack loads of nutrients—all while managing to be the indulgently cheesy meal you crave on Super Bowl Sunday.

5. Gouda Onion Hand Pies

Few things skyrocket the flavor of a meal quite like caramelized onions. These tender, candy-sweet (yet savory!) morsels have the ability to turn something as humble as a hand pie into something gourmet—especially when paired with the salty and slightly sweet caramel undertones in Reny Picot Gouda.

Whether hosting or attending, Old Europe Cheese has everything you need for the big game. 

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