There are two types of cheese.

There’s the cheese that you daintily nibble off a marble charcuterie board while saying things like, “Hmm, quite nutty.” And then there’s the cheese that you melt and gaze longingly at after you’ve had one of those days and your soul is aching for some comfort food.

Then there’s Fontina—a cheese that impressively thrives in both of these categories.

But not just any cheese can multitask with such palatal success. So first, let’s get one thing straight—we’re talking about real Fontina, made using a traditional recipe hailing from the Val D’Aosta region of Italy that uses high quality, pasteurized cow’s milk. And that’s exactly what we do at Old Europe Cheese. We make our Reny Picot Fontina with no shortcuts, which ensures it can make its way from cheese board to cheese recipe with resounding success. 

When enjoying Reny Picot Fontina straight up, you’ll find that it has a delicate, nutty, almost honey-like flavor. A slight tang asserts itself, but there is no acidic or bitter aftertaste. Just a clean, yet complex finish.

But Fontina has transformative qualities when it’s melted. All of its savory intensity is multiplied by a million as it hits heat. When Fontina goes gooey it adopts an earthy mushroom note reminiscent of truffles. Pleasantly odorous, it also tastes toasty, like a deeply golden slice of toast. So yes, it is the ultimate choice for grilled cheese.

Smoother than cheddar and silkier than a mountain cheese, some say Fontina is the best melting cheese around. Try it out in mac n’ cheese or as a major player in fondue, but we seriously love it in eggs. Plus, the mushroom notes make it perfect in this spring recipe:

Fontina Forgers Frittata

Reny Picot Fontina is always best to have on hand because it’s great to snack on, perfect for impressing guests, and seriously good to cook with. And cooking with cheese is like cooking with wine: if you’re going to use it in a recipe, it should be good enough to consume plain.

Now that you’re ready to introduce Reny Picot Fontina as a new staple in your cheese drawer, find it at a store near you. Also, if you have a favorite Fontina recipe, let us know! Contact us today to share a recipe or if you have any questions for us here at Old Europe Cheese. We’d love to hear from you!