Introducing: Tomato Basil Brie

At Old Europe Cheese, we are committed to molding high-quality handcrafted gourmet cheeses and sometimes we like to break the mold a little. This time, in a continued effort to build layers of flavor in our Reny Picot cheeses, we decided to add a burst of summertime to our award-winning Reny Picot … Read more about Introducing: Tomato Basil Brie

Fondue Party Tips

There’s never been a better time to throw a fondue party. Yes: a things-on-skewers-dunked-into-a-vat-of-melted-cheese party. A fondue party is actually a very fitting for early spring, since fondue was originally a way to use up hard cheese, wine, and stale bread—often the only pantry items left at … Read more about Fondue Party Tips

Old Europe Cheese FAQs

There is one thing in this life we know to be true: Reny Picot cheeses are delicious. And for many, that's all you need to know. But for the rest of you, we've compiled a short list of some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Old Europe Cheese and aim to provide both quick and … Read more about Old Europe Cheese FAQs